Theft of a Salesman

Waiter Stealing Credit Card Information

Don't tempt your servers to become thieves

The following story is true. In fact, it happens millions of times per year. This should hopefully demonstrate why it’s 100% necessary to have wireless POS for restaurants and bars in place everywhere.

Picture this. A customer sits down for lunch at your fancy steakhouse. The server appears friendly, delivers the food promptly, and your customer leaves a nice tip when the server brings back the debit card.

Two weeks later, that customer is attempting to purchase flowers for his wife, and his card refuses to work. He calls his bank and discovers that his account has been completely emptied.

What happened? Your employee stole his debit card information and sold it to professional criminals.

That is exactly what has been occurring all over the world for quite a few years now. In New York in October, 2011, the FBI busted a massive worldwide conspiracy to steal identities and siphon money from accessible accounts. Over 100 people were involved, and authorities keep discovering more information about just how vast and devious the scheme truly was.

Handling a credit card

Customers should always see their cards

The United States Is Woefully Behind

While there are countless ways to defraud others out of their hard-earned money, the fact that the United States still hasn’t implemented the wide-scale use of handheld card swiping machines is shameful. In many European countries, such as Belgium, if your restaurant server takes your card from you and walks away, customers are appalled. Handheld swiping machines are the norm so that the cardholder can see their debit or credit card the entire time.

Giving a server complete control of bank cards opens the door to temptation. That one dangling carrot can turn an otherwise happy, productive member of society into an identity-stealing criminal.

So, what’s the solution?

Implementing the use of handheld credit card processors in your restaurant provides you with numerous benefits:

  • Your customers will appreciate your concern for their safety
  • Your customers will be impressed with your “high tech” service
  • Your customers will wonder why your competitors aren’t using them
  • Your servers won’t be tempted to become criminals

While nothing will completely stop a determined thief from stealing financial information, making use of this simple, readily available technology is a great low-cost method of adding security to your business.

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Stay tuned for reviews of other products and services to protect your customers and employees from debit and credit card fraud. You can never be too careful when it comes to your customers’ financial information.


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