Wireless Debit Card Terminals

Using wireless debit card devices simplifies the need for dedicated swiping equipment

Wireless debit card terminals are used for debit or credit card transactions. There are several kinds of credit card terminals that merchants can use but most of the terminals have the same basic functions: they allow merchants to either swipe or key in information of credit or debit cards, then later on transmit data to a service provider.

Most models process credit or debit cards either through an online terminal or a telephone line but wireless credit card terminals can transmit data through the use of satellite networks or cellular networks. Some on the other hand have the capability to store credit or debit card data and then later on transmit said data through a standard telephone line when it’s available.

By using a smartphone and the right technology or software, a merchant can substitute the functionality of a dedicated credit card terminal whether it is wireless or not by using an credit card app through their smartphones, such as the VeriFone iPhone credit card reader and the Mophie Card Reader for iPhone. Such a device also supports manual entry of debit or credit card numbers, and it also works with hardware devices (i.e., swipers) or dedicated credit card readers.

Although this is a good alternative for merchants, it is interesting to note that some crime syndicates use these kinds of devices to steal credit or debit card data. The recent arrest of 28 people in New York due to identity theft dealt with the use of swipers to transmit data of patrons in a restaurant. This is not a rare occurrence of course and authorities say that this kind of thing has been happening all over the United States.

However, this does not mean that credit card terminals are not safe. The real concern is the people who use such terminals, those who have swipers of their own, or those who hack into the computer system of a place of businesses.

Types of Wireless Debit Card Terminals

The key functionality of a credit card terminal is obvious but the modern ones have multiple facets depending of course on the needs of the business and the kind of transactions processed through the wireless debit card terminal. The key operations of a credit card terminal include the acceptance of not only credit cards but also debit and charge cards either domestic or international.

Wireless and non-wireless credit card terminals also allow key entry, i.e. entering the credit or debit card number when making a purchase over the phone or through mail. These are not the only things that a credit card terminal does though because it can also charge tips, can do refunds and adjustments, can do settlements including automatic ones, pre-authorization, it can update its own software, and many can be initialized remotely. Many devices also have POS integration, multi-merchant capabilities, protected by unique PINs, as well as a surcharge function and secure password operation.

Wireless Card Swipers At Focalprice and TheNerds.net

Whatever your desired application, there likely exists a wireless debit card terminal that will suit your needs. With the rise of smartphones with attachment ports, the market will also likely be flooded with even newer devices soon. Be sure to check technology sites like TheNerds.net and Focalprice for the latest in technology gadgets.

We will try to review as many of these wireless devices as we can here at Innovative Merchant Solutions. Hopefully you’ll be able to find one to suit your needs.


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