Buy a Verifone Payware iPhone Credit Card Reader - Best Price

Purchase a VeriFone PAYware iPhone Credit Card Reader at the Best Prices

The VeriFone iPhone 4S, 4, 3G, and 3 PAYware attachment is one of the top-rated mobile credit card readers currently on the market. Their unique design allows users to swipe credit cards quickly and easily and still fit in your pocket. The fact that this single device works with every iPhone model since version 3 gives them a huge leg up on the competition.

If you decide to buy a VeriFone PAYware device, you won’t be disappointed. Encryption occurs from the instant the card is swiped, so your iPhone will never received unencrypted data, ensuring that your customer’s financial information stays safe. You can deploy multiple PAYware devices to your entire staff and manage everything from a single administative account.

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PAYware Management Software

VeriFone offers a number of ways to keep track of your card transactions through their extensive software suite. Of the most commonly-used VeriFone software management systems is PAYware Connect. Connect is a web-based front end which helps you manage all of your merchant accounts and card processors.

They offer other products which each have their own unique characteristics such as PAYware PC, PAYware Merchant, PAYware Transact, and PCCharge. Find out more about these multiple offerings at the VeriFone official homepage.

PAYware iPhone Credit Card Reader

The VeriFone iPhone attachment allows for mobile credit card swiping from anywhere that you have cellular or wifi service. It’s ideal for both traveling businesses and stationary businesses alike. Restaurant owners, for example, could provide iPhones and VeriFone PAYware devices to each of their servers to allow for credit card handling right at the tables, simplifying the check-out process and allowing for faster table turnover.

Features of the VeriFone iPhone Card Reader:

  • High Security Encryption – Data encryption occurs directly on the device before the card information is ever placed on the iPhone or transmitted across the Internet.
  • Simple Configuration – Setting up the device couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your merchant account information and begin swiping cards immediately. If you don’t already have a merchant account, the software will guide you through the process.
  • Management Tools – Monitor your transaction history directly on the iPhone or from any web-connected computer. Generate reports meeting your exact criteria.
  • Credit, Debit, Bank Cards – Every type of swipe-able card is accepted with VeriFone Mobile. You don’t have to worry about particular bank cards not working.
  • Software Is Free on iTunes – You can download the VeriFone Mobile software directly from this iTunes link.
  • Flexible Payment Options – VeriFone offers contract-free options for your transaction processing service plan, so if your business is only part-time or seasonal, you can save money by avoiding a lengthy contract agreement.

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